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Consumer's Digest Volume 1 [Physical Comic]


Consumers Digest is a variety magazine collecting brand new and exclusive vore-themed art from across the furry community.

Our first issue, a sampler platter of sorts, features 2 different magazines: a mild, and a spicy.

The mild comic features only what may be considered as "Clean" artwork. Where as the spicy comic is a much more "Adult" version with different alternative vore types and sexual acts.

Make no mistake, both magazines are completely different and one is NOT just a censored version of the other.

That's 100 pages of unique content!

If that doesn't wet your appetite then maybe the knowledge that a majority of all the profits go straight to the artists will!

That's right, when you buy these magazines you help the artists most of all! Which in turn helps them make more artwork. In the end, this means more art for us all!

Help support the artists and get your copy today!


As an added bonus to buying both physical magazines, you'll also get the digital download free of charge!

If you only want the digital download, not a physical magazine, please go here:


Please note:

Due to being a two man operation, our time is limited. To meet print and shipping demands we will be sending out magazines bi-weekly in lump orders. This means usually the first of the month and the 15th of the month.


The files are PDFs. If you attempt to download them on computers or devices that cannot read pdf files we suggest downloading the free adobe reader software or switching to a computer that does have this software.

Also keep in mind that the option for both downloads is compressed into a .zip archive folder. You'll need to download winzip or other such software to extract the files from these folders.

We do apologize if this is an inconvenience to some. It is the most convenient way we could manage to send you the files.

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